St. Paul’s Strollers.

The next walk will be on Wednesday 28th October 2015.

Via Francigena or the ‘Nuts and Mushrooms’ Trek -8 miles level terrain and downhill on the approach to Dover.

For those who wish to take part, please meet at Dover Priory railway station at the earlier time of 11-00am on Wednesday 28th October for a 11.20am departure to Shepherdswell.
The earlier start will mean that we do not arrive back in Dover at dusk or in the  dark because the clocks will have gone back the previous weekend.
From Shepherdswell we walk via Coldred to the Waldershare estate.
We then have obtained permission from the owner (Lady Guilford) to go into Malmains wood to forage for mushrooms and chestnuts.
I am told that the mushrooms are in abundance but our fellow stroller Norman might want to do a bio-chemical analysis before the fry-up!!!.
We then resume the Via Fraancigena and back to the Mash Tun in Dover.  It will be a great day-let’s pray for the great weather.

Your walk leader this month is Dave Evans



St.  Paul’s Strollers. (men’s group)

The Stroller’s group started back in August 2014.

It’s purpose is to give the men of the Parish an opportunity for freindship and fellowship with fellow male parishioners whilst strolling or walking in and around Dover, spanning town and country.

Strolls/walks take place on the last Wednesday of each month.  They normally start at 1pm (unless otherwise published) at various locations in and around Dover.  The location of the walk start and the destination in miles is published in the Newsletter.  Details of where to meet up, distance of the walk etc are all in the Newsletter.

Degrees of stroll/walk difficulty.

There are 5 degrees /grading of difficulty.

                                        1=  Flat.

2 = Mainly flat but with small inclines.

  3 = Mainly flat but with some small hills.

4 = Undulating with some steeper hills.

5 = Mixed small and steep hills.

Each stroll or walk is led by an experienced stroller or walker,

How to join the Strollers.

Either just turn up or contact Deacon Barry for more information.