Soup Kitchen.

Dover Soup Kitchen  (DSK)

For I was hungry and you fed me.  I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. Matthew 25:35

What is the Dover Soup Kitchen (DSK) and why is it needed?

The Dover Soup Kitchen provides free meals, hot drinks, clothes and bedding, and creates a sense of belonging and community for homeless, vulnerable, elderly, lonely, and the needy of Dover.

Does the DSK have a web site containing all the key information about the work of this group?

The web site address for the DSK is

How long has St Paul’s been supporting the DSK? 

St Paul’s has been supporting the Soup Kitchen since 1990 and will continue to do so as long as there are volunteers from the parish who want to support the project.

What is the role of St Paul’s parishioners in the supporting the DSK?

St Paul’s volunteers prepare food at their homes, at their own expense, then take and serve it, to those in need at the Soup Kitchen venue.

St Paul’s parishioners also support the work of the DSK in three other major ways: 1) financial donations 2) providing holiday cover and 3) food purchase preparation.

Donations are given to the St Paul’s volunteers as a contribution towards the cost of providing a nights food. For those parishioners who cannot commit to becoming a regular ‘hands on volunteer’ they respond to need in two ways: by being an occasional volunteer by filling in / providing temporary cover for holidays etc and by providing occasional cooked meals.

The parish is grateful to the children their parents and school staff who annually donate food as part of their Harvest Mass of thanksgiving to the St Paul’s DSK volunteers. They then use these donated food stuffs in the production of meals.

Where is DSK located?

The DSK distributes prepared food from a portacabin in Pencester car park, Dover. When food was first distributed in 1990 it was distributed from the boots of parishioner’s cars in Stembrook car park.

What are the DSK opening hours?

 The soup kitchen is open every day between 6pm and 6.30 pm, except Christmas day when up to now there has been a hot meal in one of the churches.               Boxing Day it is also closed.

Volunteering; what is involved in being a St Paul’s volunteer and how does someone become a volunteer?

New volunteers join those St Pauls parishioners who are already involved. They are and will be made most welcome.

At the moment we have 12 teams including men. The more teams we have the more the work is evenly distributed.

For those who cannot commit to regular times we need people who can fill in, or supply some meals occasionally.

New helpers will not be expected to work alone, they come and see how things are done and fill in with experienced volunteers until they are ready.                         Some of our teams have been with us since the beginning.