Saint Edmund’s Chapel.

 St Edmund’s Chapel.


St. Edmund’s Chapel.   

It is amazing how many of Dover’s ‘locals’ and its visitors pass by a little building right in the centre of the town, without any concept of its significance.  In Priory Road, between the Prince Albert Public House and the Sea Anglers’ Club is the chapel of St Edmund of Abingdon.  It is a 13th century building, built by the Augustinian monks of Dover Priory, and was consecrated by St Richard, Bishop of Chichester in 1253 to his great friend and tutor St Edmund. 

The chapel was restored following its rediscovery, through the great efforts of the late Rev Fr Terrence Tanner, parish priest of our St Paul’s Church cc 1958-1970.  Read more about this fascinating chapel at which has a history that is vastly bigger than it diminutive dimensions.