Sacrament of Confirmation.

Confirmation 2016

Confirmation this year will take place at St Paul’s Dover


Friday 1st July at 7pm.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Having attended mass introduced yourself and your family to the clergy and the parish it is then possible to ask for the sacrament of confirmation.

Confirmation, together with Baptism and First Holy Communion, is one of the Sacraments of initiation of a person into the church and confirms a candidate as a full member of the Church.

In the Diocese of Southwark Confirmation is offered annually to young people who have reached the minimum age of 12 and is preferably in year 8.

In our parish a notice is put in the parish bulletin around New Year inviting anyone wishing to be confirmed to enroll on the course of preparation.

Prior to the commencement of the preparation course the parents or guardians of the confirmation candidate complete, sign and submit a ‘Request for Confirmation Form’ to Fr. Jeff or Deacon Barry. Once received they will discuss with you your request.

Dates, times and venues for the Confirmation preparation course are announced in the spring.

The Confirmation Mass is a East Kent Deanery event which means that young people from most of the parishes in the deanery come together to be confirmed by a senior cleric.

For further information please contact Fr. Jeff Cridland on 01304 206766.  email: