Pastoral Council (Dover Deanery)

Pastoral Council (Dover Deanery)


The Dover Deanery Pastoral Council (DDPC) brings together laity, religious and clergy to promote the mission of the local Church in the parishes of the Deanery.

DPCs have successfully organised formation for the Deanery by providing courses or conferences on: RCIA, Ecumenism, Adult Education in the Faith, Training of Catechists, Marriage Preparation, and Youth work.

Discovering the needs of the area is part of the task of mutual formation. This would include bringing to the Council the needs of ethnic minorities, of people with disabilities, of the poor, of the unemployed, of one parent families, and of any who are disadvantaged in any way.

Care should be taken that formation does not centre entirely on the internal workings of the Church, but is also focused on the role of the laity to seek the Kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs

St Paul’s two representatives to the DPC meetings are: Mrs A Castle and Mr B Naylor.

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