Christian marriage is a Sacarament that takes place in the church (provided that one or both are Catholics).

Much preparation is required so let Fr. Jeff know at least 6 months before your preferred date.

The easiest way is to come to mass and introduce yourselves to Fr. Jeff and imagine / dream of your special day in our church.

It is your celebration that is important and Fr. Jeff and Deacon Barry are here to help.

Any couple wishing to marry in the Parish of St Paul’s, whether they are both Roman Catholics or if only one is a Roman Catholic (Mixed Marriage) should contact the parish priest,

Fr. Jeff Cridland Parish Priest, 01304 206766 in order to register their intention to marry and to discuss the various legal requirements.

This will include arranging all the necessary paperwork, agreeing dates to undertake a compulsory diocesan marriage preparation programme and booking the church for a Nuptial Mass (if both parties are Roman Catholic) or a Wedding Service if only one party is a Catholic.

Many couples will make a booking for the church a minimum of 6 months ahead of the proposed marriage date.

The marriage preparation course, run by the Diocese, provides the couple with an opportunity to discuss the key aspects of marriage and married life and for them to talk frankly and openly with each other.

The aims of the programme are for the couple to understand each other better and to gain a greater understanding of a loving relationship.

There is an opportunity to discuss family life and to come to appreciate more fully what is meant by a Christian commitment in marriage.

Further information on the marriage preparation course can be found on the following web site:


For further information please contact Fr. Jeff Cridland on 01304 206766.  email: