Organ Choir.

The Organ Choir.

The purpose of the Choir is to praise God with singing as an integral part of the Holy Mass. 

The Choir, accompanied by an organist takes part in the 11am Mass each Sunday morning.  They sing three hymns: Entrance, Offertory,  and Recessional, also a member sings the psalm.

The Choir also sing on special Liturgical occasions: namely Easter, Christmas, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil.

Until recently, they sung a different Mass each week with a traditional latin ‘Missa di Angelis’ on the first Sunday of each month, but at present, they are singing the ‘Parish Mass’ which is one of several newly composed Masses due to the revision of the 2010 Roman Missal.  The once a month Latin Mass still continues.

 New Members.

New members are welcome.  If anyone wishes to join or just come along to meet the members, the choir meets on Friday evenings, upstairs in the Choir Loft, in St. Paul’s at 7.30pm.  Rehearsals end at 9pm.