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 Archived Newsletters

Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. 15th November. 2015.

Please find below letter from Fr. Paul Mason, regarding the appointment of a new Parish Administrator for St. Paul’s.

Dear parishioners of St Paul’s, Dover,

I am very pleased to inform you that from next Sunday Fr Jeff Cridland will be taking on St Paul’s as Parochial Administrator and will be moving into the presbytery. We hope to be able to appoint an assistant since Fr Jeff will still have responsibility for Aylesham. Some adjustment of Mass times may be necessary but Fr Jeff will be best placed to assess that once he starts and settles in. This does not mean that the Diocese will stop looking to appoint a Parish Priest but it does mean that for the near future St Paul’s will have a good and experienced priest at the helm now that Fr Peter has retired.

With every blessing,

Fr Paul Mason

Episcopal Vicar for Kent


Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. 8th November. 2015.

Please find below a Letter from Fr. Paul Mason  Episcopal Vicar for Kent.

St Paul’s, Dover1-signed (1)

All Saints. 1st. November. 2015.

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time 25th October 2015.

Twenty Ninth Sunday of the Year. 18th October 2015

Twenty Eight Sunday of the Year. 11th October 2015 

Twenty Seventh Sunday of the Year. 4th October 2015 

Twenty Sixth Sunday of the Year.  27th September 2015

Twenty Fifth Sunday of the Year. 20th September 2015

Twenty Fourth Sunday of the Year. 13th September 2015 

Twenty Third Sunday of the Year. 6th September 2015

Twenty Second Sunday of the Year. 30th August 2015

Twenty First Sunday of the Year. 23rd August 2015

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 16th August 2015 

19th Sunday in ordinary time. 9th August 2015

18th Sunday in ordinary time. 2nd August 2015 

17th Sunday in ordinary time. 26th July 2015 

16th Sunday in ordinary time. 19th July 2015

15th Sunday in ordinary time. 12th July 2015

14th Sunday in ordinary time. 5th July 2015

SS. Peter and Paul. 28th June 2015

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time. 21st June 2015

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time. 14th June 2015

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