Folk Choir


“The parish Folk Choir was established in about 1970, and as such is the younger choir in the parish.  It was considered, with the writing of new, modern church music and hymns that the parish congregation should have a choice of what type of music they wanted to participate in, and as the Organ choir were already leading the 11am Mass, the 9.30am Mass was thought to be suitable.  This Mass is the Family Mass and the children are encouraged to participate in the final hymn by playing a variety of musical instruments.
Our role is to lead and encourage the congregation to sing the various parts of the Mass and the hymns.   The hymns are chosen to reflect the readings, and therefore theme, of the Mass – some hymns are more obvious than others but we hope our choices are always relevant, and occasionally we are asked to sing a hymn which has special meaning for a parishioner.
Alongside the Mass, we sing for the Watching Hour on Holy Thursday night, the Christmas Carol service in collaboration with the Organ choir and the Children’s Christmas Eve Mass.  We also take a lead on The Stations of the Cross on one Sunday in Lent, and are available to sing at weddings and funerals.
The Group meets once every two weeks for practice with a month off during February.  We are always looking for additional singers and musicians – our current musicians play flute, recorder, guitar and bodhran.  Anyone interested in joining us can approach any member of the choir on Sunday mornings or leave a message through the parish office.”